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Bradford Haami

“While I was at TVNZ we would go around the country and interview a lot of old people about their stories and I always thought about my Grandfather and thought ‘man, someone’s got to write his story.”

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Bradford Haami  is an author, journalist, producer, researcher, editor and TV director.  He worked at TVNZ for a number of years producing shows with Maori content.  He is the author of several books including TRUE RED: The Life of an ex-Mongrel Mob Gang Leader.  He is currently working on his book (working title) Aka Moana: Whale Traditions of the Maori, which will explore the special place whales have in Maori culture in both pre and post colonial eras.

Bradford Haami is the first Maori writer to receive a residency at the Michael King Writers Centre. He is interviewed by Graeme Lay.