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Daughters of ARD Fairburn

“He was so absorbed….He had so many ideas he had to sift through, to sort out”

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Writer, artist and activist ARD Fairburn (1904–57), is the subject of this interview. Fairburn was described by his peer Frank Sargeson as one ‘one of the most extraordinary men born in the southern hemisphere’.  From his contribution to many aspects of the arts scene in Auckland, to his stance on gender equality and the organic movement, Fairburn was a larger than life character who charmed and infuriated both the critics and those who knew him.

Graeme Lay interviews two of ARD Fairburn’s children, Dinah Holman and Janis Fairburn about their father. In a conversation full of warmth, humour and nostalgia they reflect on his family and relationships, his work and publications, and the mark he has left as one of NZ’s influential writers.