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Stan Brakhage called me the Johnny Appleseed of experimental film

Julian McCarthy interviews the pioneering alternative filmmaker, writer, curator and exhibitor, Martin Rumsby.

Martin is renowned for extensive and tireless contribution to alternative and experimental film in New Zealand. In 1980 he began working out of Alternative Cinema, the Auckland Filmmakers’ Co-operative. He went on to establish an independent film distribution service and annually toured film programmes around the country.

From 1985 to 1995 Rumsby extended his tour of NZ films to North America. During his time there he was employed at a number of artist-run centres, including Niagara Artist’ Centre, Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and Neutral Ground. Martin fostered the North American/New Zealand connection by returning to NZ regularly to show North American avant-garde films.

For more information about Martin Rumsby and his continued work visit www.rumbsy.net

Martin will be presenting ‘The Book of Film’ (alternative film screenings) at Satellite Gallery’s Vernacular Lounge in April 2011. You can see the first programme in pdf form on the left or at www.satellitegallery.co.nz

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