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I was amazed at the changes that had happened in NZ, they’d been imperceptible for people living here…but (coming) back there are things that shock you because they seem to have happened overnight

William Keddell is an artist and a film-maker. Raised in Timaru, William left to study in England, graduating BA(Hons) in 1977 from London’s Chelsea School of Art. In 1978 he was awarded a British Arts Council Grant and in the same year was featured in “Filmmakers on Tour” run by the Arts Council of Great Britain. In 1982 he returned to New Zealand where he received two Arts Council of New Zealand awards and New Zealand Film Commission Funding.

His film ‘ Maintenance of Silence’ toured the UK and North America and received theatrical release in New Zealand and Australia. In 1986 William Keddell was featured in Content/Context- A survey of contemporary New Zealand Art at the National Gallery, New Zealand.

Having completed part one of a two part residency at Wendover in Utah, William is currently in residency at Satellite Gallery’s Vernacular Lounge: www.satellitegallery.co.nz where he continues work on his stereographic art practice.

He is interviewed here by fellow film-maker and friend Martin Rumsby. William and Martin discuss music videos, playing the stockmarket to fund films, the Muldoon era, the erosion of civil rights, alternative film and the changes he has seen leaving and returning to New Zealand over the last four decades.

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