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Alan Pearson 1

It’s all mystery, you’re in it, you have to discover it, give it reason and if you don’t give it reason, there’s no reason for you to be here. Life needs consciousness


Alan Pearson is one of New Zealand’s foremost expressionist artists. His is an imagery born of the attempt to understand life, the world, and his place in it, working with energy and passion towards conveying the turbulent emotions that such an undertaking brings forth. Along his lengthy artistic journey he has developed a fearsome reputation across much of the art community as being difficult, uncompromising and extreme in his views. This may be an accurate assessment of Pearson’s mode of being, but it must be allowed that this is the direct result of his visionary nature – of his overarching desire to put across his vision in an unadulterated and powerful way. (Sanderson Gallery)

Here Alan and his good friend Denys Trussell discuss Alan’s life as a train driver, adventurer and ultimately an artist. The biographical tales weave together alongside Alan’s philosophy on the nature of the world, humanity, the senses and the “theatre of life”.

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