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Annette Isbey 2

I’d like to feel my paintings are visual poems

In this second installment of the interview between painter Annette Isbey and Denys Trussell we look at some of Isbey’s work as she explores the influences, processes and memories behind them. We discover the childhood that inspired her respect and later inclusion of animals in her work. She talks about the influence of a trip to Latin America, and some other remembrances from her life and the art theories (such as postmodernism) that have shaped her as an artist.

She talks about the laws of painting -a personal definition of what her craft is- and delves into the basic of aesthetics. Through this visual tour we see the painter from several angles: political (as per her piece Prone Figure), spiritual (as per her landscapes), curious onlooker (such as was the beginning of her portrait work) and a seeker of truth, as was her later portraiture work which saw her paint Bob Orr, Michael King, Janet Frame among many others.

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