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John Perry II

LIVING WITH FOLK ART:  John Perry on the wonders and cultural significance of Outsider Art. John Perry discusses the curated Daly Hughes collection at Corbans Estate Arts Centre as part of the 2016 Outsider Art Fair.


In June, 2021, John Perry, ‘folk art and ethnographica authority, art dealer, walking encyclopaedia’ and beloved Cultural Icon, died suddenly at his home in Helensville, an old cinema packed from basement to bachelor pad with extraordinary artefacts.

Rotorua Museum, where John was Director for ten years from the late 80s, described the passing of John ‘as a huge loss for the art world in Aotearoa. Described as ‘delightfully eccentric’, those who worked alongside him experienced first-hand his passion for art and ephemera. From his time as Director of Rotorua Museum, to his ownership of Global Village Antiques in Helensville, Perry’s ability to seek out fascinating objects has inspired thousands of collectors and will continue to do so for many years to come.’

This film by Kim Maree encapsulates the love that John had for the taonga that often went undetected or unacknowledged and is a celebration of this unique character and “full tilt boogie kind of guy.”

An interview with John by Erwin van Asbeck can be found at No.81 of this series.

*Image: John Perry in basement of Rotorua Museum, Courtesy of Rotorua Daily Post


Further viewing:

John Perry – OCEANIA – Many Islands Many Artists.  John Perry presenting his curated exhibition/collection as part of the 2016 NZ Outsider Art Fair. Held at the Helensville Art Centre.

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