Reti Hedley singing into microphone in NZ bush

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Reti Hedley

Reti Hedley is an experienced and established musician, composer and audio producer. He is most recognised as a key member of New Zealand bands ‘IA’ and ‘Knights of the Dub Table’. Both bands have been nominated for Maori Music Awards. Reti is also a composer for screen and enjoys working with creative teams to bring visions to life.

Reti was mentored by his late mother Rangiiria Hedley. Rangiiria was a renowned taonga pūoro artist and lecturer at the university of Waikato. She passed on her cultural and practical knowledge of taonga pūoro and Te Reo Māori to Reti.

In this episode of Cultural Icons, Reti talks about his journey into the world of taonga pūoro and how he is using these precious instruments to explore new musical frontiers with his band IA.

Producer / Director: Ed Waaka
Production Company: E NOHO


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